Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Crafting The Mohawk Hat

Crafting The Mohawk Hat

Are you a fan of the Mohawk hats? 

Yes, they were a trend that came and went as so many awesome things do...however, they are also a style that continues to be fun and popular with just about any young person.

And, I'm speaking from experience folks...I've made more than a few of these awesome toppers.
Cute as kittens on the little ones and a touch a rebellion and individuality for those just a bit older...then a touch of fun again for younger adults. They all love 'The Hawk' and actually wear the crap out of them! LOL

Crochet Geek has a really terrific video on You Tube to show you how to make the Crochet Mohawk Hat. My method and hers are essentially the same but I work 3 strands at a time and she uses one.
I really recommend watching her video then checking my Tips for Trimming below.

Yarn Lengths:

I work with strands of yarn the length of my crochet hook..this allows enough length for trimming.
I use three strands at a time for each 'stitch'.

Creating the Front and Back:

Fold the hat in half and loosely whipstitch / sew a 'guide' at the fold.
This also creates a 'ridge' which I believe helps with the shaping of the hat.
There is a definite 'Front' and 'Back' to a Mohawk. Begin creating the 'hawk 3 rows up from the edge of the hat in Front and continue the 'hawk all the way down the back to the last row to create the Back.

Creating the Mohawk Stitch:

This illustrates the method for creating the 'Mohawk Stitch' up the ridge of the hat. Check out the video by Crochet Geek to see this in action.
Work your way up the ridge, using the stitched guide to keep your 'hawk line straight. You don't have to use the 'guide' but mine get crooked when I don't. Plus, I really do believe the ridge it creates helps with the shaping of the Mohawk.

As you move up the ridge, you will notice gaps between your stitches. You will need to go through and place stitches between these spaces to fill in the Mohawk.

Also, your Mohawk will get a bit sparse at the crown without much space to place fill-in stitches. This is where using Crochet Geeks method will come in very handy for you. You don't want your Mohawk to be flat or thinning on top.

For Toddler and Baby sizes, I only make one row down the center...
but for Adult sizes, I make a band of 3 rows going down the center from Front to Back.

Trimming the Mohawk:

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Ultimately, your Mohawk will require a good trimming to finish it off.
I like to trim a bit as I go..Starting after the first 3-5 stitches are placed.

Look at the first photo above...You don't want this yarn hanging into your face, so you will need to trim it.

  • Start by holding it like in the photo and trimming the yarn straight across and level with the edge of the hat. 
  • Next pull the ends together and even them up. 
  • Then I put a bit of an angle to the front. 
Yours should now look like the last photo above.

Continue trimming about every 5 stitches just to even up the edges. You can wait till last and do this all at once if you like.

Important Note 
Experiment with the length of your yarn strands to obtain different looks for your Mohawk.
The shorter you trim the yarn, the more it will 'stand up'.
The longer the yarn, the more it will 'lay over'.

The advantage of starting with a length of yarn the size of a crochet hook.
Really short strands are hard to work with when creating the stitches for the Mohawk. Anything longer is really just wasteful and unnecessary. 

For this little one, I only found it necessary to make one row down the center...
but I do want to let you know that for my Adult Mohawk hats, I make a band of 3 rows down the center.