Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Easter Mohawk Hat!

Mommy has it covered for St. Patricks Day...but

Easter is around the corner and Owen must have a hat. 

I hit my Pinterest Boards for lots of Bunny inspiration and, of course, come up with LOTS of hoppy options.

Follow Tracy's Crochet Bliss's board Crochet for Easter on Pinterest.

I pick this one by Girl in Air.

And here we go! With a renewed excitement for making Owen's New Easter Hat...big smaile!!! I can easily imagine Littme

The pattern says to use your favorite hat pattern. Michelle gives her pattern..but my I decide to go with my favorite from Micah Makes...and 

holy bunny ears batman..look what I found!

Now that's about right for Grandma's Little Guy!..minus the pink of course. wink

I hit my Stash and pick a nice white and blue ...

I make the crown and as I start hooking the mind-numbing hdc rounds that make the 'body' of the hat, I start contemplating the bunny ears and imagining how cute my awesome little guy will look in them.

...and then
comes the idea that will forever color Owen's First Easter forever.
Bunny Ears my butt! Can you say MOHAWK?!

Owen LOVED his Uncle Zachary's Mohawk Hat when he was here for Christmas!

New Colors!

And Here We Go!
I have a renewed excitement for making Owen's new Easter Hat spured on by the image in my mind of him totally Rockin the Mohawk!

I've made Mohawk hats before..lots of them. They were VERY popular! Brought lots of smiles all around. :)
Making the 'hawk part of them though does a number on my hands so after making a dozen or so of them, me and my aching hands decided that I had got the Mohawk fever out of my system. LOL

This was worth dusting off the ole 'Hawk skills!

I've got Owen's little Mohawk hat all packaged and ready for the mail...hope to share a pic of the Little Man Rockin his first Mohawk real soon!

If you want to make your own Mohawk Hat

I've have put together a Tutorial with Tips and Trimming Information for you.
and  Crochet Geek has a really terrific video to show you how it's done. 

Crochet Geek uses one strand at a time..I use 3 at a time but the method is the same.

Good luck and have fun crafting your own 'hawk!