Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Crochet Slippers (Babbucce) FREE PATTERN

FREE PATTERN: Crochet Slippers (Babbucce) 

 Emily asked me for a pair of slippers.

Her house has hard-wood floors that get pretty cold in the winter. So we sat down with the computer and checked out My Awesome Pinterest Boards

She likes the 'loafer' style. 

The Patterns above are:
I read all the patterns and settled on this one at Crochet and More by Simo.
Crochet Slippers (Babbucce) 
This is a pretty straight-forward pattern. I didn't have any troubles following the instructions.
I picked Red Heart Super Saver in Periwinkle and used far less than 1 skein of yarn for this Adult Large size pair. I think I could probably make 2 more pair with same skein of yarn.
Joann's runs sales on Red Heart, with special shipping deals, pretty often so I have a nice selection in my Stash :) I like catching them for like $1.79/skein with flat shipping rates under $1  Sales & Promotions on! (Yes, this is an affiliate link and if you click on it then make a purchase, I will make a few cents from the sale.)
I doubled the yarn for the sole piece when I made it, which sounds like a great idea.. but I think that is what caused my slippers to be so WIDE.
Emily's foot is an inch longer than mine, but I'm pretty certain that mine is fatter. LOL So these will be way too loose on her feet. 
I'll make her another pair, but I hope these will be alright for now. 
Next time, The only thing I will do different is to follow the pattern exactly. I will not double the yarn for the sole and see if that is the cause for the slippers turning out so wide. 
Do you have a favorite pattern for loafer-type slippers? I'd be happy to try it :)