Friday, March 7, 2014



I'm always conflicted about my hats. I can't get my sizing right. They are too big, too small, too round, too slouchy, too 'beanie'. You name it, whatever the problem, I'm convinced that my hats have it.

I almost always frog a hat at least 3 times before deciding to forge onward and just let it be whatever it turns out to be. When it's finished, I'm still convinced that there is something wrong with it..mostly that it won't fit whoever it's intended for.

Often-times I don't even bother taking a photo of the hat.  I'm so bothered about the whole deal, I am not even motivated in the teeniest bit to photograph it and share it with the world or even my Ravelry projects page.

But I can't stop making them. I am obsessed with overcoming my hat anxiety. Someday I will find the perfect formula to make all my hats turn out well.

You might be thinking "why is she all worked up about her hats, they look fine!" Yeah, they actually do...and yet, I'm always genuinely surprised and shocked when someone grabs up the hat and pushes it onto their head...and it not only fits, but looks AWESOME. 

That is the first moment that it becomes ok for me. Right up to that point I am convinced that it is awful and I have failed. You would think that over time I would learn that it's all in my head and become more confident with my hat-making skills. NOPE.

Why am I so insecure about my hats? I dunno! I don't experience that kind of anxiety about any other type of project..not even when working totally brand new to me techniques or extremely important heritage projects.

I am working on it though. I think I've found the perfect solution for me. I'm sure that there is a perfect head for every one of my hats and  Halos of Hope can find them for me. 

Instead of making one hat for one specific person with a particular head size and shape to conform to...and driving me crazy with anxiety trying to fit it...I'll make LOTS of them them for LOTS of people!

I mean think about it..everybody's got a different head size and there are so many heads out there that need warmed and styled. 'Halos' can find them for me and I can hook happily knowing that someone, somewhere is wearing and loving what I do.