Friday, January 17, 2014

Newborn Hats Gift Set

Now and Later Newborn Set

Last Fall I was asked to make a gift for one of my son's High School teachers. He was becoming a brand new, first-time father and my son's class wanted to do something special for him. NICE HUH? I was impressed :D

So I got volunteered ..

I whipped up this set over the weekend and wanted to share it with you.  I call it the 'Now and Later' set because there is one hat for Now and one hat for Later. :)

The first little hat I made,'Valentine', worked up much larger than expected .. too large for a newborn, but it will be perfect this winter. Next I made a beautiful 'Butterfly' hat which was just the perfect size and added a couple of flowers to each hat.

I should have been done but it just didn't feel finished. I didn't have a gift bag handy, so using the
magic and versatility of crochet, I made one!  It's a mesh-style bag so the new mother can keep those tiny little baby socks in it and throw the whole thing in the laundry .. no more losing them :)