Friday, January 17, 2014

Gift Giving Guide

A Gift-Giving Guide for Non-Yarnies

Unless you are a "Yarnie", "Fiber Freak" or "Crochet Crazy",  you probably find Crocheters to be difficult people to shop for.

Let me "clue you in"...We want gifts related to our beloved craft.

Does that frighten you? Are you afraid of buying yarn we already have or don't like? Don't know the difference between a hook and a needle?

Don't worry...we are a forgiving and understanding lot.



Nothing makes us happier!

Some yarns can be quite expensive..keep the receipt & let us know that we can exchange it if you happen to have bought something that won't work for us

1.  Choose one of these brands for a nice, solid choice.
  • Lion Brand .. Pretty much anything Lion Brand is a good safe bet.. Good quality and reasonable pricing.
  • I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby stores
  • Vanna's Choice sold at JoAnn's
  • Loops n Threads from Michael's
  • Red Heart *some people love Red Heart (I'm a lover) and others can't stand it..if Red Heart is the brand most available in your area, try to purchase from their "Red Heart Soft" line if possible.
2.  Stick to a Medium Worsted Weight yarn, it is the most common size for our projects.

Sizes are printed on the labels -you are looking for a Size 4


  • Purchase Acrylic or Wool ..blends are fine

  • There a lot of different fibers available, and you might be tempted, but along with natural fibers comes allergies so unless you know what those are for your crocheter..stick to common Acrylic or Wool fibers

3.  Buy at least 700 yards.
  • 400-500 yds makes a hat
  • 500-700 yds makes a scarf
  • 1700-3500 yds makes a sweater
  • 3500-4500 yds makes an afghan


58b632c7d99d622bf8e728d4376e8d88Colors can be tricky, but they don't have to be.It is likely there are several opportunities in our homes, and on our person, to figure out what we like.
  • Take a picture of her favorite garment (t-shirt, blouse, etc) and use it as a shopping guide for picking colors
  • Does your crocheter have a collection of anything..use the predominant colors as a guide.
  • Curtains, pillows, bedspreads/comforters are all indications of favorite, or pleasing, color choices for your crocheter
  • What is your crocheters favorite season of the year? Pick colors that match that Fall, choose oranges, russets, browns and greens
*Don't use a purse or wallet as color inspiration..we are often far too practical when choosing these items


  • Buy a basket to sit by our chair where we crochet

  • Buy a large bag or tote to carry our yarn and project with us when we leave home

  • If you really want to splurge, buy a cabinet, chest, or even a set of rolling drawers

Check this Pinterest page for a lot of really Great Ideas for Yarn Storage



All brands are not created equal!  We  have our favorites and there is a reason it is our favorite!

  • Take a picture of the hook your crocheter uses all the time.

  • Take the hook if you can manage that without causing panic for your crocheter. Use it to help you with your purchase.

1.  Buy a SET of these Hooks

2.  If a set is out of the budget, buy at least 3 of these favorite hooks in these sizes "G", "H" & "I"

 These are the most standard sizes used for our projects.


Sizes are marked on either the shaft or the thumb rest of crochet hooks.


This one is tough but I'm about to make it very easy for you.

We LOVE our pattern books, but we are picky about them as well.  It is likely that we already have what is available off the shelf from most craft stores and the selection for crochet in most book stores is insulting .. and NO, knitting is not the same as crocheting !

1.  There are two books that every crocheter should own and will love having their own copy of.

[gallery columns="2" ids="5774,5775"]
  1. Crochet Saved My Life: The Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Crochet by Kathryn Vercillo
  2. Hooked for Life: Adventures of a Crochet Zealot by Mary Beth Temple
2.  Ask your crocheter to go to and create a wish list to make it easy for you.  Login and purchase with confidence.



*Artisan items are non-returnable and non-exchangeable...I really encourage the use of Gift Cards

They are available in limited quantities and are often one-of-a-kind.  This makes them extremely Special gifts.

[caption id="attachment_5770" align="alignleft" width="137"]Ed Jenkins..Jenkins Woodworking,Fine wood tools for fiber artists. Ed Jenkins..Jenkins Woodworking[/caption]

1.  Artisan Hooks

  • Handmade or Custom hooks can be very pricey and may be something your crocheter has dreamed of owning. Most of them are "one of a kind" and many are made for each individual by order only

  • Make sure you check the average pricing of the Artisan hooks so your card limit is enough to purchase one. Some are as expensive as $70 + and up.

Sheep2.  Artisan Yarns

  • Look for anything that says "hand-spun" or "hand-dyed"

  • Choose colors using hints as above

Many artisans also have pictures of their animals that their yarns come from. Include a photo with your gift!
*Check with your crocheter about fiber allergies before purchasing


If you are an instant gratification kind of gifter, I'm sure you hate the idea of giving Gift Cards. Here's an option you can both enjoy.

    • Give us the cash before we go inside. We like having the freedom of knowing and being in control of how much we have to spend.

    • Don't "hover"..go next door to the game store if you must or find some other way to occupy yourself

    • Don't be a cheapskate..we need $50 to have a decent experience.

    • DO be an enabler..spend at least 5-ish min. in the yarn aisle with us. Touch the different yarns, pick out OUR favorite colors and say "hey this is awesome"..then wander elsewhere and leave us to shop and enjoy ourselves amongst the yarnie goodness

    • Take us to lunch afterwards and enjoy the glow on our faces. Please, try to listen to us "go on" about our purchases and our plans for them.

Ok, that about does it!

This is a small list of Artisans where you can find custom hooks and yarns. See, I made it easy for you!


Handcrafted Wooden Crochet Hooks by Brain's Barn

One of a Kind Wooden Artisan Hooks by Jimbo's Front Porch

Jenkins Woodworking .. Fine wood tools for fiber artists.


Ozark Handspun .. Artisan-Crafted Natural Yarns

Handspun by Black Sheep Goods

Darn Good Yarn