Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Crochet Hearts Scarf & Gift Bag

This week I've been hooking the Crochet Heart Scarf by Alice Merlino & Little Hearts Drawstring Bag by Esther Chandler

Cari Plunk is easily my best friend. We met 10+ years ago and quickly became we have known each other for many lifetimes..and truly, maybe we have.

We have followed each other across town and across state lines, raised our kids on the same street, loved & disciplined them together. We have survived suiters and beaus and even a marriage or two. 
We even lived together for a year..with a husband and teenagers under roof. :) 

Cari's birthday is Feb.05 and this year she is having an 'official' party. I want to bring something festive. 

Cari also has a 'thing' for hearts.
We are always on the lookout for something unique that she doesn't already have and when we find it, it goes into the Cari basket for when she needs a smile. 
Maybe I should have been more original in my choosing this year, but I almost feel like she would be disappointed if I didn't crochet her something with hearts.

I picked these in her favorite colors.

 Crochet Heart Scarf by Alice Merlino
Little Hearts Drawstring Bag by Esther Chandler.

My heart scarf is made using worsted weight I Love This Yarn and a size H hook. The pattern calls for DK or fingering weight but I wanted the worsted. I knew this would make it a little bit bigger and probably require blocking, but it is what I wanted.

Sure enough, it definitly needed blocked..but I hate blocking. So I just rolled it up good and tight instead. This worked blocking required..LOL

I'm not so sure I worked the bag correctly.

I wasn't understanding the pattern very fault of the designer. Sometimes, and some  days, directions just aren't clear in my brain. I decided to just look at the pictures and 'wing it'.
I also changed up the top a bit where the drawstring/cord is woven through.

I made the cord so the bag could be easily carried or hung for storage or convenience.

All in all, it worked up pretty neat. It's going to make a handy little bag to carry or keep things in!

The scarf worked up in an evening and the bag also was finished in another evening. Both patterns were well written and included a lot of pictures to help. And they are both FREE! 

These projects qualify as Stash-Busters so I'll be Linking them up at Linda's 2014 Stash-Busting Challenge :D

If you decide to make one of these yourself, I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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