Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Angels in My Kitchen--FREE Heritage Crochet Pattern

There are 'other' Kitchen Angels..but they aren't this Kitchen Angel

I have, for some reason, developed an emotional attachment to this Angel.

My friends and family always love to get them as gifts.  They say it makes them smile to see this angel hanging there in their kitchen.

Not only are they pretty but they are practical too.
The skirt is an open mesh design so it dries quickly and the "halo" doubles as a hanging loop.

This pattern, and the poem that accompanies it, are both by "CroBeanie" Bea Wells and it has become very hard to find now that Bea has passed away.
I am fortunate enough to remember CroBeanie and perhaps that is why I am so attached to her pattern.

The only place I have been able to find this particular pattern is WebArchive and it isn't easy.  That being said ...

If you would like to make these Kitchen Angels too, be sure to Save this Link and print a copy too!

I'm an "Angel" dishcloth,
I came from up above;
I'm made from puffs of cotton,
And spun with lots of love.
I'll help you do the dishes,
And wipe up spills and things;
Then I'll hang around the kitchen,
And dry my "Angel" wings.