Thursday, March 27, 2014

Preemie Hats!

Preemie Hats!

As y'all know, I've been working up some tiny little 'warmers' for charity...Hats For Preemies.  

I just keep a basket near my couch, where I sit by the window, and work up a few at a time. It's such an easy way to do something nice while keeping my hands happy. 

I use a really simple pattern by  Teresa Bowman. 
These are recommended by Beverly Qualheim of Bev's Country Cottage.  Bev has a lot of experience working with and for charities and she is a mentor and a friend.  
I will probably branch out and make a variety of designs at some point, but for now, I'm happy with these.  

I have a lot more ready now ..some spring yellows and baby blues. I took this pic last week though, and I wanted to share.

Check out my Crochet for Preemies Pinterest Board for some happy inspiration. And, please..check out Bev's Country Cottage. She is an enormous wealth of 
charity information and patterns.

Like Bev says...
There are people everywhere, even in our own neighborhoods, who need the warmth of the items we make.