Friday, September 5, 2014

Come September

It's been an exciting Summer..

Lots of visiting and watching the 'little ones' grow. My 'littles' are not so little anymore. They have lives, careers and little ones of their own now!

Emily is moving from talented Songwriter to Performing her music at local events!

She started college 3 weeks ago and keeps a full-time job as Administrator and Construction Estimator (she works off blueprints).

Carl started with the same company when he was 15. Between the two of them, they practically run the place!

He has a beautiful family and has brought me a daughter-in-law that I absolutely LOVE like my own. He is a complete family man..all his dreams come true.

Owen is walking on his own now and, according to Momma, is fully embracing the 'terrible twos'.

He turned 1 yr old this summer.

Kyle and his wife Stephanie just celebrated their first year anniversary.

The Navy life seems to suit them well and they have made good friends in Georgia.
Zachary is our youngest and the only kidlet still left at home.

He's not very little anymore..he has mutton chops on his face that make full-grown men jealous! School has started again and it's looking to be a good year for him.

Hubby is working hard as always. The economy hasn't done us any favors this year. His employer had to drop their health insurance this past spring and the cost of food keeps getting more and more rediculous. He has had to change hobbies a couple of times to something more affordable and tries to keep a good attitude.

As for Issie and me? We've enjoyed traveling to Missouri this summer and keeping up with everyone. I started selling off our pottery collection on Ebay so she has had lots of opportunity to bark at the mailman, which she thoroughly enjoys.

Issie got her first summer haircut and discovered that she LOVES 'spa day' for doggies at the 'salon'..LOL She especially loves the little bandana they give her afterwards and won't let me take it off of her for days!

We are rearranging the house a bit to make room for a 50 gallon aquarium. I've had fish since I was 10 yrs old and now my husband has taken to the hobby as well..YAY!
We got the new 50 gallon aquarium from a neighbor for FREE a few weeks ago. It needed some cleaning up but it is really nice. We are having a lot of fun planning what is to go in it and how to decorate it.  I'll be trying my hand at aquascaping for the first time with this one.

My best friend has a new romance and it's looking to be a very good relationship for them both. He plays blues music on weekends at this little blues & bbq place right on the water at a nearby marina...which has led us to discover a favorite new hang-out. There wasn't much of that for us until now because of my anxieties..but I absolutely love this place. I feel comfortable and enjoy spending time with everybody there.

Speaking of best friends, her oldest daughter is ready to give birth to a new 'little' of her own! This will be her 4th and has been a high risk pregnancy so we've had a few scares and anxious moments throughout. Keeping this girl on bed rest is nearly impossible but we are trying. Here is a pic of her beautiful 'littles'

Turning to's time to get busy again...and that's always a happy thought.
I've got a hat and booties to get made for our newest 'little' and that needs to be soon!  Grandma Cari is making her blanket on the loom so I've got 'bootie duty' LOL

 My Facebook friend, Anne-Pia Hansen, is hosting a Challenge this month (September). She is Danish but don't let that slow you english-only speakers back..both Google and Bing have great translation tools.
I have never found different languages to be a problem for me because we all speak the common language of Crochet. If you doubt for one second that crochet is an official language, try reading a pattern or visit a crochet forum. Nobody understands yarn-speak like we do!

Just got the news..looks like I better get to hooking 'cause I'm gonna be late with those booties..