Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sharing Emily

Sharing Emily

This is my daughter, my 'Dork Fish', my 'Baby Bug'...she is my first-born and the love of my life. 
She inspires me, encourages me and lifts me up..hey isn't that my job? 
Now before you start to think that I might have favorites...I have a Son and Daughter in Law and beautiful Grandson that I am equally in love with and inspired 2 step-sons that surprise me at every turn...But this post is about Emily, so I will express my love for her with every word and phrase.

Emily asked if Momma could help share her video project

...and of course, I am happy to do anything she asks of me :). So if you have a minute today, can you please hit the play button above and check out her video. She is a Sweet Girl with a Sweet Message and I love how she shared of herself in this video.

Emily is also a talented Singer/Song-writer and has just started recording some of her work. 

 She doesn't know that I'm sharing her song with you as that's a bonus You're welcome. :) I hope you enjoy her as much as I do.   

Please have a listen ...Thank You!