Tuesday, January 7, 2014

FREE PATTERN, Simple Headband w/Bow

Just finished headband made w/Lion Brand Woolease chunky.
Not my prefered color but I didn't pick it and I don't have to wear it so ...meh, I hope she likes it :D

I chained to a length of 21 inches, then joined the ends and SC in the round to a width of 5 inches.

The bow is a single layer. I did basically the same thing, only this time, I didn't measure...I 'eyeballed' it. Just a little bit shorter and narrower than the headband. I pinched it in the center and tacked it using yarn and a really large needle, then wrapped the yarn around the pinch till I was happy with it. After that, I used the same yarn and needle to attach the bow to the headband in the center. Then I tacked all four courners w/yarn...clipped and wove in the ends.

That's it! Simple Headband completed :)