Thursday, January 23, 2014

Crochet / Yarn Tattoo

I sprained my I haven't been crocheting this week.  Sad..I know :(  ...and so hard to 'not' do!

With nothing new on the hooks, I thought I would share my tattoo with you instead. It is inked on the inside of my right wrist, which is also the sprained wrist, so how appropriate right?!

I got "Bliss" 2-3 years ago while on holiday with my friends in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We don't live near each other anymore so we try to spend a girls weekend together once a year. You know, just a few days just to be 'girls'..not mothers, wives, managers etc. It's wonderful

My own personal tradition during this weekend is to get a new tattoo. YES, I said t-a-t-t-o-o   LOL
This one is custom drawn for me by an artist at Red Beard's Living Canvas. They have done 4 tattoos for me..very professional, family friendly, terrific artists who take pride in their work! 

My next 'ink' will be to add a magenta colored crochet hook to this piece :D  Then I need to add a broom for the Owl on my ankle to perch on...and I plan to have a tiny little butterfly added to the top of my wrist for each grandchild as they are born. I also have a Celtic Mother's Love Knot on my back that needs my childrens' names added to it. 
*My husband says he can't believe he married a tattoo'd lady! LOL

The Girls and I haven't been able to meet up for the last 2 of course.  And I'm VERY particular about where I get my tattoos, so I just haven't added those little touches I talked about yet. Tattoos are permanent and they are expensive folks, so it is absolutely something to be particular about! 

There is a shop I've been hearing good things about 'back home' Indepth Ta2. I'm thinking I will be checking them out for myself this summer when we visit for my grandson's first birthday. It will be the perfect time to get 'his' tiny butterfly done.

No decent artist will touch you for less than $50 no matter what size the tattoo is  (if they will, don't let them touch you..I'm serious).  I would hate to pay $50 for a tiny blue butterfly the size of a large it should also be a great time to get my crochet hook and broom inked too.

Thanks for stopping by today!
Do any of you have a crochet/yarn related tattoo you would like to share?  If you do, let me know with a comment below. If there is enough interest I WOULD LOVE to do a post featuring all of our yarnie ink!