Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Crochet Happy Dishcloth-FREE Pattern

Say Goodbye to Ugly Dishcloths

Crochet Happy Dishcloth

My Mother absolutely loves cotton dishcloths..lucky for her, she has a daughter who can and will make her as many as she wants. That fact alone is where we both start and end in agreement about them, however. 
She is very particular about her cotton washcloths. She wants them made in a Double Crochet Mesh Pattern and nothing else is acceptable. She says they must be made in this mesh pattern because they dry faster and, if they aren't made like this, the cloth will "sour".

Now I love my crochet..but I hate making those dishcloths. Mom doesn't care what they look like, but I'm the one who has to make them..and they are UGLY. My mother doesn't believe in throwing anything away so these get pretty UGLY!

Last Spring, no longer able to compromise, I designed a cloth we both can agree on. The Crochet Happy Dishcloth is a generous size and it is pretty, because that is what I like.  It's design uses V Stitches to create a mesh-like cloth that dries well because that is what Mom likes. I've made dozens of these for friends and family and everybody loves them. I Hope You Do Too...

Crochet Happy's Dishcloth
  • ch 32
  • dc in 3rd ch from the hook
  • dc in each st across, ch3 & turn
  • dc ch1 dc (v-stitch) in first st, skip a st, [dc ch1 dc, skip st]  across
  • dc in last st, ch3 and turn
  • repeat last row until your total rows of v-stitches reaches 13
  • 2 dc in first stitch, sk st, [2 dc sk st 2 dc] across. end this row w/dc in last st then ch3 and turn
  • dc in ea st across, finish off and weave in ends
The v-stitches do create a "wide middle" that is balanced at the top and bottom by the use of the dc rows and on the sides by the dc on the end of each row. It creates a "frame" for the v-stitches. It's a very pretty cloth.
Please feel free to make and gift these cloths as you wish. You may not sell the pattern itself without written permission from me.
© Copyright Tracy Joyner 2012