Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Brimmed Beanie and Tunisian in the Round

This week I made a Brimmed Beanie for my 'Little Man'.  

I used this hat from A Load of Craft as my inspiration.
She used a basic beanie pattern and this Video by Crochet Geek to make the brim.

I think it worked out pretty well...I also think his hat will probably fit his Momma before it fits him. LOL

I also participated in a CAL hosted at Grammy Dirlam's

It is kind of a Mystery started with a teaser posted January 21. It would require a Specialty Yarn, a size N Hook and a Size N Double-Ended Tunisian Hook.

My introduction into Tunisian hadn't gone so well but I was looking forward to learning a new technique. Maybe it was time to dust off the Tunisian hook and give it a go again. 

Becky released the first part of the instructions Saturday morning.
My double-ended hook was a size K instead of an N, so she gave me instructions adjusting for the different size. 

I really wasn't sure I was doing it right but I reached out to Grammy's Facebook support group and got it sorted quick enough. 

 My stitches were so much smaller using the K hook but I really liked what was developing. I decided to stop at what I thought was the perfect size for a headband since it wasn't going to be large enough for a cowl.

I'm calling it a Tunisian Win cause it turned out MUCH BETTER than my first attempt!  

Little did I know..I should have looked for the 2nd part of our instructions though. Apparently, I was supposed to pull the orange thread out which would have left a very lofty and beautiful drapy fabric.

I'm still really happy with it though. The fabric is cushy and it makes the PERFECT ear warmer! 

The best part though is that I really enjoyed the CAL. I hosted several last year but it is so much more fun just joining in and learning something new and different. Tunsian in the Round...yes, I will do it again :D

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