Friday, January 17, 2014

3 a.m. Fiber Craving...& How Red Heart is Made

How Red Heart is Made

How Red Heart is Made
If  your favorite yarn is mass produced or manufactured, you should enjoy this video by Red Heart and  "The Double Stitch Twins".

Personally, I think Red Heart often gets a "bad rep".

We are not talking about the scratchy, day-glo fibers your mother crocheted with in the '70s!
Yarns have come a long way since then and Red Heart has been leading the pack for a very long time.
You just can't beat their variety of color choices and availability.
While I love to visit, and buy from, my nearby JoAnn's store, (and do so far too regularly)  Red Heart is just a few minutes away at nearly any Wal-Mart store too. So if you've got that 3 a.m. craving that can only be satisfied by Red Heart Pink Camouflage varigate...well, it's no problem!

Ahem..ok, that's kind of a me thing ..but to my defense, I have a "yarn room" now and that pink camo has been staring me down from my Stash Cabinet for days! My resolve is weakening. While I tell myself  to finish blocks for the Designer Spotlight Challenge, I am being drawn very strongly to that Rose Trellis WIP. 
I think my Stash moves closer every time a look away!